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Acid Reflux and Oesophagitis

Acid reflux and oesophagitis

If you suffer regularly from a burning feeling which rises from the upper abdomen that is worse after a meal then you may have a hiatus hernia diaphragmatica. When burning rises from the lower chest up towards the neck then you may have oesophagitis. You can see why so many admissions to Accident & Emergency for central chest pain turn out to be digestion related.

Many (older) people know what happens in a groin hernia, the tummy wall ruptures and a bit of the inside pops through the hole. In a hiatus hernia the top of the stomach pops upwards through the diaphragm and stops the latter from closing properly. Imagine how the shutter on your camera works, well, that is pretty much how the diaphragm sphincter muscle works. Your food pipe should be a one way elevator, going down only. When the elevator goes up you are either vomiting (useful eviction) or have acid reflux (damaging).

With acid reflux there are some other additional, fluctuating symptoms such as feeling sick, acid taste in mouth, bloating, belching, burning pain when you swallow hot drinks. And if you cough a lot – causing sharp contractions of the diaphragm – then this may affect the reflux.

It is logical that when pressure below the diaphragm rises, an already hampered sphincter may not be able to withstand it, so stomach contents travels up into the gullet. If you are overweight it is the excessive fat in the abdominal cavity that increases pressure. If a female is pregnant, her uterus size increases, forcing the stomach up (sure, hormonal changes may affect the tightness of the sphincter). If you are constipated or are very bloated the bowel content can raise pressure. Finally, the more you fill the stomach the worse symptoms get (also more acid being produced) and worse still if you have fatty meals that cause food to remain in the stomach for much longer (gastric emptying delay). If you can’t close the lid and put a bottle on its side or hold it upside down, you’ll spill the content. So, if that shutter function of your diaphragm doesn’t work properly, then you may notice acid leaking on lying down, on bending forwards or when hanging upside down (gravity boots and back stretchers). Next to pressure issues, heartburn is more common in smokers and regular or heavy drinkers.

Acid Reflux – Oesophagitis

Your doctor may authorise an endoscopy whereby a thin, flexible telescope is passed down your oesophagus into the stomach. One can then see whether the lower part of the oesophagus looks red and inflamed. If it is, you have oesophagitis, if not, then you may be diagnosed with endoscopy-negative reflux disease. Severe and long-standing inflammation may cause cell changes leading to strictures (you would likely be complaining of food ‘sticking’), Barrett’s oesophagus or cancer (risk is slightly increased compared to the normal risk if you have long-term acid reflux).

Recurring heartburn is something you should do something about.

Prescription only medication (POM) can consist of antacids, acid-suppressing drugs or prokinetic drugs (food passage quicker). Keyhole surgery rarely offers an advantage over acid-suppressing medication. Oesophagitis and issues within the mouth are the only time when I advise you to open the Aloeride® capsules and allow their content to dissolve in lukewarm water (some 20mL per 1 capsule). You swallow the mixture and repeat this as often as is required. By accellerating natural wound healing capacity, Aloeride® repairs gastric tissue erosion but this will not happen overnight, by its anti-inflammatory action Aloeride® can relieve irritation along the oesophagus. For a sustained campaign you may wish to take advantage of our permanent 20% discount Aloeride® 6 pack offer . Whether you address symptoms with POMs, Aloeride® or otherwise, you must address the bigger picture in order to win long term.

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